Wednesday, 10 October 2018


The Jos Business and Leadership Masterclass (JBLM) specially invites you to its MRT Strategy classes where you will be exposed to two of our global models that are guaranteed to give you that competitive edge in Lifestyle, Leadership, Business and Relationship. This massive platform promises to equip and empower you and your business with the requisite skill sets, tools, directions and insights to move to the next level in addition to tackling present and future competitiveness.  

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Victor's Emometer; The new tool kit for Mastering Emotional Intelligence. 29th Sept. 2018, Jos.

Emotion (s) is the driving force of the modern world, it is a very crucial constant in Business, Relationships and Marriage. 
Most often, organizations rise and fall for the simple reason that the CEO and the staff possess very limited capacity in Emotional Intelligence. Based on the DOME Culture, Emotion is the Entrepreneur’s most important capital and the truth is that no one however savvy can survive and excel in a world driven by people for people with people without the Skill Sets for Emotional Intelligence. 
Victor’s Emometer has simplified Emotional Intelligence into a laboratory experience for practical deployment in self-development, relationship management, business, product and brand marketing. Join us at the Jos Business and Leadership Masterclass, invest your time and money for a guaranteed competitive edge. hashtag#mrtacademy hashtag#victorsemometer hashtag#jblm hashtag#thinkingacademy hashtag#emotionalintelligence

Wednesday, 22 August 2018


 John C. Maxwell is without  any doubt  a leading authority in Leadership.  Among his many books and many great thoughts about leadership, one of the most potent and trendy Quote is
 "Leadership Is Influence: Nothing More, Nothing Less"
  This singular quote as of  today  has become the most common inspiration for many leaders and a central subject during leadership discuss.  
Though there are many progress recorded from this perspective, i think it is a faulty premise to stand on.

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

SPANIS WEB: A Biomimetic Approoach To Strategic Management...15th Sept. Jos.

Biomimetics is the imitation of the models, systems, and elements of nature for the purpose of solving complex human problems.
Inspired by the Spider, the Spanis Web model provides a comprehensive guide for Operational and Execution Efficiency. 

 It helps the individual to plan different aspects of their life in one time line, help the Leader to Rig multiple projects and with clear cut resource appropriation and most importantly, it is the darling of the corporate manager who seeks organizational integration and the Entrepreneur who seeks to run Multiple enterprise. 
Join us and gain that edge. #spanisweb — in Jos, Nigeria.

Thursday, 16 August 2018


Design thinking is a method for the practical and creative solutions of problems. It identifies and investigates both known and ambiguous aspects of the current situation in an effort to discover parameters and alternative solution sets which may lead to one or more satisfactory goals.

Design Thinking Skill sets is one of the most sought after expertise today because of its 8D model pattern.
Most Fortune 500 organizations have deployed Design Thinking to build formidable HR units, others have used it to enhance their management capacity while it still remains corporate leaders most kept after secret. 

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

ABLM; Strategic Leadership During National Chaos and Confusion (SOVI LAW of Transformation)

A lot of persons undervalue the binary cord between Business and Leadership. Hence they focused only on scaling and innovation and Care less on community and national development. This is a major business flaw.
Every nation always gets to a curve, where the old must die and the new will emerge. Chaos and confusion are always common during this period. To navigate this bumpy ride, a clear understanding of Strategic Leadership during Chaos and Confusion is crucial to survive the present convergence, disruption and competitiveness. This is one class you can't afford to miss. #ABML #tfqappliedleadership #startupnation #abuja

Monday, 2 July 2018

JOS BUSINESS AND LEADERSHIP MASTER CLASS (JBLM) A Disruptive Approach to Nation Building.

Recent events has proven that we are yet to capture the essence of our Nationhood. This is because we have not been able to lay the required foundation which is first Ideological before structural. To this extent we are struggling with principles, concepts and practice.
The fact is that, every country is just a geographical expression of landmass, air and water. It is the quality of its inhabitants such as their courage, ingenuity, friendship, vision,creativity and industry that qualifies the quality of their nation state. In very simple terms, no nation can grow above her people. It is good to invest in Nigeria but the priority should be in investing in Nigerians. Only then can we build the required Human Asset (Nigerians) that will build Nigeria.
With the TFQ Applied Leadership model, we shall be looking at strategies and tactics of Nation Building, especially a Start- Up Nation like Nigeria. Key components shall include;
@ Moving from Influence to Transformation.
@ Understanding the Components of Transformation
@ Deploying the Contents of Transformation
@ Medium of Transformation among others...
In a quest to provide Leadership, many have lost track of themselves for the simple reason that they approach leadership with ignorance. For a token, join us at the JBLM, and equip your business and community leadership skills. Limited Seats. #jblm #tfqappliedleadership