Our Thinking Apps.

To build your body to a desired shape, size and perfection, you will require a well equipped Gymnasium. Each exercise has its projected routine and methodology for a specific result.

In a well equipped gym that is manned by expert trainers, every exercise is customized or group based on common interest, goals and expectations.
Sometimes the emphasis is on Aerobics, at other times the emphasis is based on muscular elasticity.

In the same vein, when you need to build and expand your thinking capabilities, you need a specific routine that will guide and build your brain cells/neurons to perform better and faster, in view of achieving maximum productivity.  At this level, thinking is a craft, an art with scientific methodologies that can be applied at different levels and on a variety of interests.

At Thinking Field, what the gym does to the body is what Thinking Applications (Apps) does to the Brain.  Thinking Apps is the gym of the brain.

Our Thinking Apps are designed with the specific intent for building capacity. Our Apps do not place emphasis on what you want to think on, our emphasis is on HOW you need to maximise that knowledge per time.


Like SWOT, 60 SECONDS Thinking Apps underlines the capacity to understand, Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Defined Threats.
However with 60-S, we added a couple of innovations, the Invincible Surface and a divided Threat: offensive and defensive.
The 60 SECONDS Thinking App is a Thinking Meter which helps you build a conscious capacity to process data and information at great speed without missing tactical targets and strategic goals, through elemental platforms like the Bear, Bird, Snake and  Bullet.
  • Leadership Development
  • Team Productivity, Alignment and Communication
  • Creative and innovative thinking
  • Meeting leadership and decision making
  • Product and Process Improvement, and Project Management
  • Critical, Analytical Thinking and Problem-Solving
Hence, it creates for you a customized model and format that is flexible for processing data and information at different levels. This can be applied on a variety of platforms such as: Individuals, Group, Domestic, Corporate, Civilian and Military@


SPANIS Web is a short term for SPAtial NavIgation Simulation, which was designed by Victor Prince Dickson as a Thinking App (tool) for mapping ideas, concepts, projects and brands. This design is inspired by nature’s number one passive hunter: the spider.

As a mapping technique, the SPANIS Web is a broad based thinking instrument that weaves all strands of Integrative Thinking in such a way it enables multilayered thinking, planning and execution. It is a hybrid platform to fuse both tactical and strategic approach to problem solving.

Depending on which of the SPANIS Web you chose to apply (basic or advance), this mapping technique will help you achieve extensive balance in real time.

As a multipurpose tool, it can be applied to any idea or reality that is spatial (time and space), it is the perfect tool for brain/mind development. It is used for organizing and processing data.

The key relevance of SPANIS Web are:
·        It is a matrix for intuition, imagination, and ideas in real time.
·        Data Storage
·        Data processing
·        It interrogates existing knowledge and inspires knowledge and  creativity
·        Unifies tactical and strategic timing
·        It defines goals inter-sections by creating simulative nodes.
·        Most importantly, creates and maintains clear mental screen by extension it visualizes your future.

The SPANIS Web can also be applied within existing mind development instruments like Emotional Intelligence, Executive Intelligence and Dialogue Mapping.

60 SECONDS  and SPANIS Web shall be presented to the public in hard copy on the 31st of October 2014 in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria, in a Workbook tittled;

THINKING FIELD ... A Mind Development Workbook

While the digital version will be released at a later date in 2015.


ACT-RIBBON is the newest Thinking App from the founder of Micro-Reality Thinking Academy, Victor Prince Dickson.

 It is the third in the series of our soft mind development tools. Like 60 SECONDS AND SPANIS WEB, ACT-RIBBON was recently presented to the public through the collective brain session of the Micro-Reality Thinking Academy Contact 3, which held at Eagle Valley Royal Hotel, in Jos, Plateau State. On the same day that Thinking Field Workbook was unveiled.
To strive in the knowledge economy, ACT-RIBBON is a must have because it helps acquire, store, share, communicate and process data and information with colours guiding the experience. It can be applied at two levels, the basic or advance format.
ACT-RIBBON is most suitable for Project creation and design, Business plan and development, product and brand profiling. ACT-RIBBON is best applied during a collective brain session.
For those interested in adopting this Thinking App or any of our Apps in view of Capacity Building or Capacity Expansion for staff, customers or client. You can contact the Micro-Reality Mobile Van for details on how to enjoy our soft mind development tools.  


ANTS is an advanced thinking methodology/model for high end leaders, business executives, and entrepreneurs and brands who seek to leverage on the knowledge and appreciation of systems design, systems development and management and as well as system disruption. Inspire by nature’s number one systems guru- the Ant. 

Victor's Emometer.

Politics, Business and Relationship(s) is highly dependent on human Emotions and psychology of its. Therefore understanding these dynamics is one of the most important skill Sets needed excel in the face of stiff Competitive demands. Victor's Emometer is an emotional laboratory that offers in-depth appreciation of human personality in design, development and combustion through Emotional genealogy, personality profiling, and mind mapping. V-Emometer moves us from Emotional Intelligence to Emotional competence. With V-Emometer, high end leaders can achieve peak performance through effective human management and human resource mining.